Clinelle Blemish Clear

30 Oct

I have been using the Clinelle SnoWhite Mask for some years now and replenishing it quite regularly since I am highly dependant on the mask for at least thrice a week to keep my skin fair and hydrated. I love its refreshing smell too but it just never happens to cross my mind to try out their other products. Anyway, I am the kind of lazy shopper who would dash into the store, pick up the stuff that I need and check-out immediately so even if they do have great products on the shelves, I would usually missed them out.

Incidentally, this Clinelle Blemish Clear caught me not because I am looking for it, but another shopper saw me grabbing the SnoWhite Mask and good-naturedly suggested that I should try it. I was indeed quite bothered by those stubborn blemishes on my right cheek and chin area so I took her advice and brought home a tube.

I am glad that this anti-blemish gel contains the same refreshing smell as the Snow White Mask and its texture is light and non-sticky. Since the introduction says that it is an effective, gentle and soothing overnight blemish gel that clears blemishes without causing dryness and skin irritation, I decided to supplement my current dose of Paul Pender Alpha Bisabolo Cell Renewal Serum that is supposed to help clearing of scars.

Not sure if the combination really works but one thing for sure is that Clinelle Blemish Clear has indeed treated and cleared my blemishes! It is very soothing and creditably helped to repair and refine my skin texture.


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