Little princess is ten month old!

25 Oct

About the same time of the year a year ago, I was dutifully doing what most siblings won’t do – spending all day (yes, 12 – 13 hours to be exact) and 12 days in a row in the KK women’s hospital keeping my little sister accompany as she couldn’t deal with being alone in her ward. Taking care of a pregnant woman is tough but looking after this overly-pampered sister was even a tougher job and in the event, it caused an internal injury of my right eye which I eventually have to undergone an operation earlier this year.

Now still nursing with the inflammations and complications of the injured eye, I sometimes wondered if it is worth doing so much and even risked my own life for the sake of my family when every deed is taken for granted with no appreciation at all.

But each time I see the innocent smile of this little princess, I am glad that I have done what I did even if my efforts will never be recognized by her ungrateful parents. For at least, I have done what a sister could do by extending all my support to seeing her through the marriage and her pregnancy period, naming the baby and making sure the baby is welcomed to the world safely.

It is amazing how time flies, a blink of the eye and Joelle is ten months old already.  I hope this little angel will always be innocent and happy forever.


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