Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold

22 Oct

I always take celebrity endorsement with a pinch of salt. I mean, they are already near perfect whether or not using a particular product anyway but I suppose Vivian’s Hsu TVC is working its magic on me this time.

Not only that I could not resist my angelic-faced idol’s urge, I shelved down the entire range of Bio-Essence 24K Bio Gold product hoping they would work miracle on me too.

Unlike those super sweet and cute Korean & Japanese products which are very popular these days, the 24K Bio Gold’s packaging is so much more elegant and classic. In fact I think these glass bottles and its expensive looking gold contents make my dresser more deserving too.

Much about the physical look, I am quite happy with the Eye Contour Lifting Serum & Anti-Dark Circle Essence too. The texture is light and I could tab easily for the skin to absorb. I was surprise to find gold dust on in the Perfect Brilliance Serum but like the Age Reverse Clear Cream, I find the texture too sticky.

Perfect Brilliance Serum

I usually don’t like anything too thick and sticky especially stuff that I pile on my face but this time I was a little hesitate to them thrash away (you have it right, it’s the power of Vivian Hsu again) and decided to put myself on a week’s trial. And dada….

Day 1 no good..

Day 2 still hating that sticky feeling..

Day 3 oops…where’s the stickiness? was my skin adapting already..

Day 4 woke up with peeps looking brighter, fresher and lines more refined..

Day 5 hey..hey..feeling good…

Day 6 was it the mirror or was it my face getting smoother and firmer..

Day 7 Aloha! I am convinced! And that gives me another excuse to shop for other products from Bio Essence – BB cream perhaps? ^_^


3 Responses to “Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold”

  1. beautysorority October 27, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    Just wanna tell you that i like your style of writing 🙂 will be checking back more often!

  2. beautysorority October 28, 2010 at 10:41 pm #

    🙂 thanks!

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