11 Aug

I first came across Orchidville back in June and thought it would be a good place to take my family for a quiet casual dinner and let my little niece experience the tranquil nature.

When we were there at about 6.30pm on a weekday evening, the restaurant was rather empty. In fact there was only two tables being occupied with two serving staff running the show. The service was nevertheless, efficient and while the atmosphere and ambience scored brownie points, the food wasn’t exactly as impressive though. For a $128 set dinner, we find that these zhi-char dishes are fairly small in serving.

The menu of our set dinner for 4:

  1. Slice Pork & Drunken Chicken
  2. Sichuan Style Hot Sour Soup
  3. Milkcream Fresh Prawnn
  4. Barling Mushroom with Season Vegetable
  5. Deep Fried Soon Hock with Hong Kong Sauce
  6. Fried Rice with XO sauce
  7. Mango Pudding


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