Life begins at 40!

30 Jul

In my younger days I used to embrace the beautiful idea of aging gracefully and naturally. I thought botox and fillers are meant for the insecure vain pots and I made no qualms on criticizing women who refuse to let nature take its due course by desperately defying age with costly treatments and anti-aging products.

I was convinced that wrinkles are signs of wisdom and I swear that I’ll never hide my grays with dye. I have even envisioned a gracious image of myself with a head of silver hair and wrinkly face and thought it was kind of sweet.

However, as I moved nearer toward to my 30s, reality kicked in and that nice, peaceful vision of mine has become a horrify nightmare instead. I was so overwhelmed and consumed by the fear of growing old that even the slightest sign of aging would stir up a huge emotional disaster. A fine line on my face would send me into deep depression and I constantly felt insecure and incompetence to the younger girls. And I remembered waking up on the day of my 30th birthday screaming, “Oh god! Kill me! I want to be dead instead of growing old!”

Fortunately, I managed to get off my own emotional roller coaster ride quickly and after that transitional period, I soon discovered that being ‘old’ has its own perks and privileges. For one, people have also begun to take me seriously and are more respectful so I am kind of enjoying my new found sense of authority. Weird as it sounds, but I no longer would scream at the sight of a lizard nowadays!

Along with age and the wealth of experience that I have accumulated over the years, I have emerged to a calmer, stronger and more confident being. Unlike in my twenties, my perspectives have changed and I realized that life is not all about having lots of money in the bank or a cushy paycheck, a prestigious title or yet another branded handbag. Well, I still do freak out at the sight of another wrinkle or a quarter pound heavier on the scale once in a while but I am definitely more at ease with myself now.

Soon hitting 40 in a few months time, I dedicate this page to count down and celebrate my next stage of life….let’s life begins at 40, cheers!


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