Chengdu – A Discovery of old and new..

30 Jul

Thanks to National Geographic, Chengdu Tourism and China Airline for sponsoring this eye-opening trip.

My husband and I embarked this trip on a tight shoestring tight budget and guess what? We spent slightly less than five Singapore hundred throughout the entire 5 days 3 nights vacation and half of the expenses have actually went to hotel accommodations. How we did it? We ate mostly at the street side stalls, walked whenever we could even if our destinations were a few kilometers away from our hotel and took public buses (公车) if the places we wanted to go are too far away. Oh yes, did I mention that the spending has also included getting my long hair perm for 80 reminbi. Amazing isn’t? In fact, we are quite proud of ourselves for spending so little!

The weather was quite hazy during our visit and the locals ain’t exactly the friendly lots but nonetheless, we had fun and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.


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