Bali – Mara River Safari Lodge

30 Jul

We flew via Jetstar and headed straight to Mara River Sarfari Lodge at the Bali Safari & Marine Park at Gianyar which is about an hour from the airport. Since it is far and away from town, we wasted no time and spent the entire 2 days in the resort –  with the animals.

Lodging at a theme resort is a refreshing change from the regular hotel stay and we simply love that dimly lighted lodge! It is so cozy and how nice if we could replicate that feeling in our own home too..

Apart from visiting the Safari where we seen a handful of wildlife, there was practically nothing to do in the resort after dark.  Nonetheless, dining with the lions was quite an experience by itself and so was waking up to the sounds of the animals in the mornings or feeding them from the balcony while watching the sun set.  We regret for not having our swimming gears with us, otherwise, swimming at the pool with a fleet of zebras roaming around the field at the backdrop will be a memorable experience of a lifetime.


The Lodge..


The Safari..


Before we left for Singapore, we requested the driver to send us to Kuta for a little shopping but the good talker managed to convince us to go for lunch at ‘his friend’s restaurant’ instead.  The so-called friend’s restaurant turned out to be one of the restaurants along Jimbaran Beach that he would earn a commission by bring customers there and needless to say, the food was expensive and we have used up almost all our Rupiah for that meal! And while the food was far from fantastic and the service was slower than snail, the ambience made it worthwhile.  Afterall, how often could we have the luxury of dining by the beach anyway!


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